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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  January 3, 2018 2:30am-2:59am EST

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judas the old testament of the original gangsters really gave way to the new testament of the clash of the plan c. and b. c. c. a b. c. fast money types and has been attempted to be crucified several times as well and has been reborn several times so it's kind of like the bible on steroids well the money changers didn't they get kicked out of the temple or something like that all their money and coins us bladdered all over the place that has happened on many of the exchanges between exchanges have been hacked and all sorts of crazy stuff and of course many people have been piling in too. in the past year especially twenty seventeen is probably when most people heard about back when and got involved of bought their first bitcoin certainly even people involved in our show and we've been talking about bitcoin since two thousand and eleven two years after his birth it was two three dollars back then and we talked about it many many times we've
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we've interviewed all the top players in the pickling space the top guys and you know cameramen and editors and executives of our show have been watching these episodes for years and it was an untold september october that they finally started say how do we get one of these were by you know like wait you waited until it was like twenty thousand dollars to even think about buying we told you to buy it at two or three that's the amazing thing isn't it people that we've been talking about it for years finally what is it what eighteen nineteen twenty thousand were suddenly curious about it and started buying it but that's the way it always is with these types of ideas they're completely dismissed at first and then when they end up changing everything game people suddenly get interested so that starts not unusual i also want to say you know because a lot of people will only be new to this and they have endured the drama of what's been happening with bitcoin since the futures were introduced and since the huge drops and. the huge volatility be cash or big. kasten all this sort of drama
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over the christmas period on these exchanges they might be alarmed so what i would say is that you should go to youtube enterprise report bitcoin and look back through the years that this is kind of normal for this whole area it's you know you have to think of it like that sort of that cambridge explosion the came to an explosion of. evolution these are ideas being explored and a lot of failures and some great successes in fact we humans come out of the excess the successes that happened in the pre-print be an explosion or remember the dot com crash hold the hold as doug blew up the drop seventy eight percent killings of dollars disappeared all kinds of companies were vaporized but from the mask we google you know apple was reborn. amazon so these are the winners and now they dominate global trade in global market action so the same thing with big oil
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they'll probably you know in another huge drop as we will probably see the survivors will come up and be world beating companies in world beating applications and points i don't know if we've had any more gifts this year but i'm sure there will be many more forks in twenty eighteen so it might be good to hold your be a coin and hopefully they're also be clarity because you know i think a lot of people were holding three twenty seventeen and the americans in the bitcoin space because of the lack of clarity from the i.r.s. is it an asset is it a commodity as a property as you know is that income do you pay capital gains whether so i know that's why i haven't like really sold any because i don't know what what i would what the tax implications are but i want to you know talk to mr law we will be with him on the birthday of bitcoin on the ninth birthday and first i want to say because of course we've had a volatile christmas a past few weeks that has been very volatile over. it just kept on going up it was
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parabolic up and you know you would see down days of ten fifteen percent and people like flipped out they were scared panicked this of course is normal for our experience that we've witnessed through big queen through the past nine years but here is jim slop with the queen obituaries proclaimed per year and two thousand and ten there was one death of bitcoin proclaimed and twenty eleven there were six i remember that year and two thousand and twelve there was only one and twenty thirteen there were fifteen and twenty fourteen there were twenty nine and twenty fifteen there were thirty nine and twenty sixteen there were twenty eight and twenty seventeen ninety three deaths going pronounced so how many do you think there will be in twenty eighteen oh about using that chart as a guide they'll be you know two or three hundred i suppose but look because it is unique it's a it's the fifth element it's completely. unique in that it's
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non reproducible don't counterfeit a digital object that can be used back and forth electronically as a store of value and that had never occurred before this brilliant genesis block was mine based on the two thousand and eight a toshiba about the motorway paper and it means that all banks also intro banks are distance mediated they are no longer needed this is they're going to go the way of the music industry when napster was introduced you know that it's just not going to survive in the same way that it did and we often said that the biggest terrorist in the world are bankers like jamie diamond this is the terrorist killer this is going to put more terrorists out of business on wall street city of london then anything else and i think it was divinely inspired well certainly it has generated a lot of cult sort of following you know disciples an apostle. the story line of an
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intervention hank resists is a direct pipeline to god ok so much of a cult like statement yes yes and i want to say you mentioned the dot com bubble you were around for that and survived that rise and fall and you were right to point out that there were a lot of people who say oh because it's like pets dot com but what people are saying in response is like no this is the internet and pets dot com failed but just like some of the coins might fail but you know the things like amazon google survived and then new companies like facebook and twitter that weren't around during the first dot com crash so you know things can happen but there is a bit of sort of bubble hysteria going on that you see in this next headline a small fin tech stock surged two thousand six hundred percent in a week after announcing it's a crypto company. plus cryptocurrency equals about seven billion dollars that's how
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much the value of long fin corp surged to after the micro-cap stock rocketed by as much as two thousand six hundred percent since debuting right before christmas most of the gains came when the company issued a press release saying it but the do dot com a blog chain empowered global micro lending solutions provider that transacts only in cryptocurrency is so if the c.e.o. of this company even went on c.n.n. b.b.c. or one bloomberg one of the financial news outlets and he was like this is too much why are you doing this this is overvalued people it was a penny stock and it acted like an all coin not even any all the coin i don't think has ever risen by two thousand six hundred percent in a week well why is it just because the reason why because it was created as we celebrate the birthday of genesis block it was created to do battle with central banks and banks around the world who are in response. printing money without
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lending it out simply to bail out bankrupt institutions around the world and this is led to ask the price explosion and the upward march of wealth to the top one tenth of one percent the global economy is incredibly distorted unlike in any time in history will billionaires are being created faster then one can possibly legitimize given the underlying economy is growing quite tepidly you know warren buffett himself said that a company is growing at a multiple of inflation is probably doing it in a crooked way because there's no way you can outstrip. as degree something that you're bound by laws of physics and laws of business to some degree and here you have this company skyrocketing in value because there are literally hundreds of trillions of dollars of ill gotten gains sitting in offshore accounts and sitting in hedge funds and sitting on wall street who are bored they're looking for something to do they see jim cramer on c n b c screaming about something or they
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hear about this and they just put the money available for this is instantaneous is there money to fight climate change no is there money to increase labor wages to restore dignity to society through jobs no no no not at all it's only money available to the club talk or see the oligarchs well i also think you know wrapping heading into the last minute or two here i want to say that you know janet yellen they're starting to pull away the punch bowl and i think this could be also part of all of that cash trillions and trillions and trillions have been created in the last few years and everybody's been waiting for something to happen remember in two thousand and eight two thousand and nine the likes of peter schiff are saying hyperinflation is coming his call may have been too early but you know that this could be some sort of hyper inflationary mindset that is out there it's happening in cryptocurrency is happening in the equity markets it's happening bonds it's happening in everything so this could be a last term. like people like downing the drinks before the you know the bar closes
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well to peter schiff point you know it's all hinged on the u.s. dollar world reserve currency which is being held up through to the shenanigans of coordinated central bank fraud when so many breaks rank this is going to happen twenty eighteen one of the major central banks in the world will start buying bitcoin they'll break ranks from the other central banks that are colluding to aggressively expand money supply to bail out corrupt banks but when one of these banks breaks off and says you know what we can triple quadruple quintuple our money by going into crypto and you guys can go and fend for yourself then the torrent of those trillions of dollars worth of cash that have been kept out of the economy due to illegal machinations by the central banks comes flooding in and the real hyperinflation kicks in the dollar crashes spectacularly that's happening and twenty eighteen by the way the kaiser report was also born in two thousand and nine just not that we're all the same but we were born the same year bitcoin wise i'm
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not a toshiba we're in a new studio here and i want to say we will be getting some sort of like graphics and stuff like that behind us but i just want to introduce you to our new studio here in raleigh so happy birthday to us happy birthday to soto she nakamoto. there's a toshi i do it. well stay tuned for the second half a lot coming your way. i played for many clubs over the years so i know the game inside i. football isn't
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only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the superman each kill the narrowness and spending to do the twenty million and one fly a. book it's an experience like nothing else i want to because i want to share what i think of what i know about the beautiful guy a great one more chance for. the face of this minute. welcome back to the kaiser report imax keyser time now to return to our conversation michael pentel pen to a port dot com money manager extraordinary out there in new jersey the bayonne
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bleeder they call you yeah chuck what are the fox or well you know fall market was in town. yeah you almost beat momma deli really yeah they bought all the rocky character after chuck weapon or oh they own bleeder juice i know more about that you're seeing the most people living in new jersey ok so michael pinto let's get back to this you know bitcoin and you know your got a negative view on it and the points you make just to recap here that there's a vulnerability at the exchanges and the on ramp off ramp the a world government could could go in there and cause havoc i mentioned there's an intellectual property challenge that could be made if people banks can say we own the ip for this type of technology similar to the way microsoft attacked open source software like linux by saying we've got certain intellectual property there are they trying to invalidate this competitor you also mention the possibility of a fed coin fed going comes around it's a crypto coin it's a digital coin and you're ideas that they want to wean folks off cash yes they want
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to get people into a permanent negative interest rate scenario which they will need to do to extricate the economy out of the next great depression which is coming unfortunately in my opinion right so the depression comes when the market collapses market collapses because nothing was done to stop it from the last collapse except give the worst actors in the economy more money to go create more probably so only seventy trillion increase in debt since two thousand the globally so they're going to have to do something they only have about one hundred twenty five basis points of bullets in the in the in the can they are global right to fire in the united states i mean does depend have to get themselves that they've got zero which is a germany have they have nothing so they have nothing really to reduce the overnight negative razorback they have to to go. eg if they can't do negative interest rates if they have physical test i'll just go and take all my hundreds out put them on my mattress and you can say i get negative ten percent but i don't have a good ten percent because i have no right whatever x.
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number of dollars stuff it's up to my house so they have to get the world used to living off of a digital.


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